Apple could use its own on-device LLM for AI features in iOS 18

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Key Takeaways

  • AI features in iOS 18 will run on-device, ensuring data privacy and faster response times.
  • Apple may partner with cloud-based services for AI features that require more data processing.
  • iOS 18 will also offer new features like customizable app icons, RCS support, and upgrades to Apple Maps and Notes.

It seems like AI will be a major focus at WWDC 2024 this summer. While companies like Microsoft and OpenAI have taken the lead in AI, Apple hasn’t announced AI features for its devices. But that might change soon, as reports say Apple has been working on AI features for iOS 18 and other updates. Now, a new report from reliable Apple leaker Mark Gurman says Apple might use its own large language model (LLM) that runs on-device for these AI features.


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In the latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman has reported that “all indications” suggest that AI features in iOS 18 will run “entirely on-device.” This means that AI features in iOS 18, instead of relying on cloud services like most AI-based services right now, will work offline without using the internet.

Why on-device AI is a big deal?

So, why is on-device AI such a big deal? Well, it’s because none of your phone’s data will leave your device or be processed in the cloud, ensuring your data stays protected. All the data will be handled on your device, allowing the features to work even without internet access. If tuned in the right manner, this will also help with faster response times for certain tasks and improved reliability, as the data is processed locally on the device rather than being sent to cloud-based servers.

While some features may be limited compared to the AI services relying on vast cloud server farms, the upside is that your data privacy remains intact. For the features that does require Apple to “fill in the gaps,” Gurman previously reported that Apple is looking for a cloud-based partner, like Google and Baidu, to integrate their AI engine on the iPhone. How Apple implements AI in its upcoming software updates remains to be seen.

Other iOS 18 Features

In addition to AI features, iOS 18 is said to bring some other upgrades as well. For the first time, Apple may allow users to freely place app icons on the home screen instead of arranging them sequentially. Additionally, iOS 18 is said to finally bring support for RCS on the iPhone, allowing for better, feature-rich text messaging between Android and iPhones. Apple Maps and Notes are also said to gain some powerful features.

Apple is expected to showcase iOS 18 alongside other software upgrades at WWDC on June 10, 2024. What features are you hoping to see in the next version of iOS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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