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How My Sister?s Suicide Attempt Exposed A Shocking Weight Loss Lie That Helped her Lose 48 Pounds

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Original price was: $270.00.Current price is: $45.00.

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My Sister, an Overweight 53-Year-Old Went From 210 Pounds To 131 pounds Without Making A Single Change To Her Diet While Laying On The Couch.

She did as much exercise as walking to her kitchen, while still eating all her favourite foods and not performing a single bone shattering work-out.

She now has the energy, vitality and look of a 20-year-old!

And you should see the way her husband looks at her now?

…proudly holding her hand in public.

As her weight started dwindling down she even started going on walks and was proud to look at herself in the mirror again.

After a few weeks, my sister had to return to the doctor for her follow-up visit after her crisis.

As we drove to the hospital, I saw my sister blinking rapidly and biting at her lip.

I felt butterflies in my stomach since this was the same office where, just a few weeks earlier, my sister was told she would die if she didn?t lose her excess eight.

They remembered my sister and were STUNNED at her condition.

They even asked her how she did it?and they all wanted to know her secret!

When we finally sat down in the appointment, the doctor said with bulging eyes ?You look amazing! what have you been doing??

My sister just turned to me with tears of happiness in her eyes?and couldn?t even piece together her words.

The doctor then took a small blood sample from my sister?reviewed it and said:

?I don?t know how you did this, but in my 43 years as a medical doctor, this is the most incredible recovery I?ve ever seen, congratulations?.

We all teared up? then my brother put his hand on my chest and gave me a hug and whispered?

?Thank You Randy, You Saved My Life?

Now?remember how Mike made me promise to help as many people as I could?

Well?I?ll be honest with you?I didn?t want to?.

I was happy to just get my sister out of her situation?because here?s the thing?.

Maybe it was a fluke?

Could something so?simple as a 60 second morning?ritual and the golden ratio of herbs really be so powerful?

Could it really support your gut so that your body starts to dissolve your stubborn fat like sugar in hot water and forcing it out of your body?

I did see the incredible transformation that my sister went through?

How she lost 79 pounds sitting on her couch since she wasn?t able to walk properly?

Losing her belly fat

restoring her energy?

And most importantly?

Restoring her confidence

?.yet I was still a bit unsure?

Then one day I logged into my Facebook and noticed something?

My sister?s transformation had been shared 11,273 times and seen by 931,400 people!!

I was getting inquiries from all over the world about what she did!

My friends?

?my sister?s friends

?and even random people on social media started to ask questions about exactly what she did.

Now, at first

?I was overwhelmed with these messages and I was slightly annoyed.

However, I remember the promise I made to Mike..

and my sister said…

?Randy?This Is God?s Way Of Showing You Your Destiny… You Need To Go Help Others With Your Discovery?

This was the kick in the butt that I needed?

I decided right there to retire from the marines and spend my life helping and serving others.

I knew that these herbs by themselves were way too expensive for the average American?and I knew I couldn?t expect people to wait weeks for ALL of the herbs to arrive (not to mention find the various sources).

So I came up with a plan…

I figured…If I bought the herbs in bulk and straight from the source, then contacted a modern, FDA certified and Made in the USA manufacturing facility that could do everything for me?.

I could produce this incredible ratio of herbs in the quantity I needed.

I even thought that with modern technology and science available to us here in the United States of America?

I would be able to create a formula even MORE powerful.

So I found a small manufacturing facility just outside of San Antonio Texas.

They took the recipe of natural ingredients and tested thousands of different extraction processes?.it took them 8 months of research

…but eventually she found a way to preserve 98.6% of the herbal nutrients in the exact golden ratio we needed.

And the best part was that our unique blend is 100% natural and the facility that we produced the capsule in is FDA registered and GMP certified

?.so we were approved instantly!


I gave the 100% vegetarian capsule to some of the individuals who inquired?

…and the results were absolutely shocking?

Introducing… Acidaburn.

The only all-natural solution that utilizes the golden ratio of herbs to help your stomach continue to breakdown fat so that you may properly eliminate it from your system.

The only weight loss solution designed specifically for men and women over 40 that treats the root cause of weight related issues from the inside-out.

Based on the results of thousands of men and women just like you and I?

who have discovered that we are only one simple cure away from supporting the enzymes in our digestive systems

We have taken the time to source the golden ratio of herbs in the exact measurements outlined by Mike

and used our cutting edge, low pressure Cryo Press technology in our FDA certified labs and put them in a specialized, ultra slow time release capsule

?. so that we can maintain?99.6%?of all of the nutrients.

Because as you and I established here today,

The war on weight is NOT about doing more exercise or starving yourself…

It?s about the health of your gut microbiome that has the power to keep you slim, youthful and happy.

As you now know, your microbiome are not being supported the way they used to in their 20?s and 30?s?

And to make matters worse…

Most men and women like you especially here in the United States, have been blindly following the wrong methods as they have been misled by those giant health corporations whom target the problem from the outside-in?

Further shattering our metabolisms while preparing us to be tied down by depression, sickness and disease.

Acidaburn reverses and releases you from this.

Because the reality is…

If you want to dramatically change the way you look and the way you feel…

And be in control of just how long you want to live on this planet?

You MUST support your gut biome to reignite relentless weight loss from the inside-out…

Instead of confusing the heck out of them, with harmful chemicals, cleanses, hollywood gadgets and gimmicks.

And the only way to truly do this is by supporting acidic bile production, digestive enzymes and cleansing your small intestines with this all natural herbal solution that supports your gut microbiome.

An herbal solution that is confirmed by one of the world?s healthiest remote island?s off Southeast Asia

And backed by thousands of Acidaburn success stories.

And as you listen to this…

Your body is practically begging you to make this change!

And don?t even get me started on your family?s finances!

Do you really think it’s wise to continue spending thousands of dollars on weight loss solutions that clearly don?t work because they weren?t catered for you?

In my opinion, we might as well take our money, walk over to the massive corporations, and shake the hands of the greedy guys in suits?

And put our hard-earned money right into their pockets ourselves…

Because they are literally ?banking on you? to fail so they can keep lining their own pockets?

…and have you come right back, begging for more.

But you?re a smart American and I don?t need to tell you how much your body and bank account will THANK YOU?.

For finally saying yes to a proven, trusted and reliable, pennies-a-day weight loss system backed by science,

That literally takes only 60 seconds to do every morning?

And that you can start the very moment your order of Acidaburn arrives at your door! Right away!

Fast, safe, rewarding and life-long weight loss…

Is only possible if you?re using a solution that actually works with you to reset your unique internal chemistry..,

And realigns your body deep within,

To prime your metabolism for immediate, long-lasting fat loss.

My team has taken the hard part out and sourced the purest, highest quality, gut healing and intestine supporting nutrient and plant extracts that we?ve spoken about today…

And put the perfect ratio into a small easy-to-swallow capsule you can take right away.

Every capsule is manufactured right here in the USA in our FDA approved and GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards.

These capsules are vegetarian, non-GMO, 100% safe..

And there is absolutely nothing else in them other than the ancient herbs.

Losing weight with Acidaburn only takes 7 seconds a day!

Everything you need is at your fingertips, literally!

This time, isn?t it a great feeling knowing you will have full control of your body again…

With a clear step by step plan…

Starting today?

The moment you take the done-for-you herbal combination…

You’ll begin to override your fat storage system by following a special timing protocol that burns fat 2x faster.

Even more…this all-natural herbal combination has been scientifically proven to support heart health, joint health and even support healthy energy levels!

This would explain how the Marines in our military got so fit so fast!

So you no longer need to choke down tasteless ?diet foods? and continue to eat the foods you love.

Remember, you only have one shot at being the best you, and you deserve to be happy…

It?s NOT too late,

Now, after seeing those shocking photos and real-life results,

You may be thinking?

Since this system is the real deal, it must be unaffordable…

But remember how I told you I promised Mike that I?d dedicate my life to expose the real truth about weight loss here in America?

And to help as many men and women as possible?

well, we don?t take that commitment lightly,

So we considered selling the 30 day supply of Acidaburn for $397 online

And that would be a steal compared to what those huge corporations charge for a similar done-for-you solution.

And if you are serious about trying something that?s never been revealed to the public before…

And taking control over your life?

then you need to ask yourself?

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